About Peridot Boutique

For as long as I can remember, fashion and shopping have been a huge part of my life. From bows and lace socks to shopping trips with my mother and grandma, my life was embraced with the latest fashions. I always knew I wanted to own a clothing boutique of some sort, but instead of pursuing an education in fashion, I became a nurse. After a rough shift, I came home to my husband and 2 year old little boy and my husband asked me if I was ready to chase my dream, “Let’s start an online women’s boutique,” he said. From there, Peridot Boutique was born!

Peridot Boutique offers the latest fashions at a very affordable price. We aim to have something for just about everyone. My parents always taught me to be original; therefore, we do not like to carry multiple items in the same size. Peridot Boutique limits how many of each item we have in our inventory so you will stand out in a crowd! Sure you can go to the mall and find cute things, but you and 4 other people might be seen wearing the same outfit. We encourage you to email us pictures in the clothing you have purchased. Please send pictures, suggestions or comments to laura@peridotboutique.com.

If you can’t stop thinking about it… BUY IT